Monday, March 01, 2010

The best proposal ever!

So a guy calls into the Point’s (105.7 FM in St. Louis, MO) Woody and Rizzuto Show, who had been dating his current girlfriend Ashley for nearly 5 years. He had always wanted to come up with a really good idea on how to propose to her. He purchased a ring 3 months back and began his scheme. He asked the local radio station to help him out and aid with tricking Ashley.

As women tend to do though, she was snooping about the house and came upon the ring tipping her off about the proposal. Not to be outdone, Chris caught wind of this via a friend of hers and modified his plan….that is until he also caught wind of her alleged cheating…and then he really modified his plan. Lowdown....but we all wish we could have done it.

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