Sunday, May 13, 2007

Video of a violent robbery in the Brussels metro

Extremely violent robbery in Brussels metro at the end of April. The victim is brain dead and not expected to recover. There was quite a bit of controversy for broadcasting this image on the Flemish news.

On the camera images you can see youths making the man fall. The victim, 48-year old Daniel Fonteyn, is kicked several times in the face. One of the youth runs away, the others kick the victim until he doesn't react anymore. Then one of the them takes the man's wallet. One of them drags the man to the middle of the corridor. He keeps kicking the victim's body. Then he jumps on the man's back. The youths in the background watch but don't do anything. They see how their accomplice keeps kicking. For a while it seems that the attacker leaves but then he returns and kicks the victim again and again.

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Anonymous said...

now THIS is a video YouTube is guaranteed to pull... it just isn't politically correct... I'd bet anything it's already been pulled.