Saturday, May 19, 2007

Leading” Belgian senatorial candidate Tania Derveaux, seems to have become much more enthusiastic for the global attention she has been getting that she’s now not only offering 400,000 jobs, but also 40,000 blowjobs
Word is that Bill Clinton has been begging for the campaign manager job. I'm not sure if Tania is bullshitting us, but the only way to know is to hit and fill out Tania’s Blowjob Request Form, carefully read the Fellatio Terms of Service, and cross your fingers and hope that one sunshiny day Tania indeed would appear at your doorstep.

It's almost election time in Belgium and NEE (Dutch for "No") is an actual party, their focus is to bring attention to the idiocracy of politicians and political parties' outlandish claims.
The country’s largest party (VLD)announced last week that it promises 200.000 jobs, shortly after that another prominent party (SP.a) states that it is aiming for 260.000 jobs. And now, Belgium’s newest and controversial party NEE promises 400.000 jobs and goes completely naked in the press and in their campaign images. Interesting strategy.

As far as the BJ's....pretty good if you are number 1, but if you are
39, 498....not so much. At any rate, it should keep your attention away from getting screwed by the elected politicians.

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