Thursday, July 24, 2008

Walloon terroists are blowing up Flemish hamburger stands!

Not really, but it sounded legit eh? Belgians should probably stick to the frites and leave the burgers to the Americans.
The injured all sustained burns.

The Festival of Ghent is the country's largest street party with scores of concerts across the centre of the East Flemish capital.
The festival that started on Saturday runs until next Monday.
The explosion happened at the heart of the revelry in a street near the Belfry and Saint Bavo's Cathedral.
The area attracts large crowds until the early hours.

The explosion happened at 5AM when many people were still partying.
The emergency services were at the scene within seconds.
Ghent chief commissioner Steven De Smet says it was a very big explosion. Several surrounding streets were cleared.

The cause of the blast is the matter of an investigation. It is believed the accident occurred when the stall owner drove his truck over a gas canister.
The stall burned to a cinder.

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