Friday, June 06, 2008

Animal House in Belgium

Gee we can send them off to war, but we have to throw them in the brig if they have a food fight. Don't you just love hypocrisy!

The Belgian Defence Minister Pieter De Crem (creme fresh for short) has called for an investigation into the behaviour of a group of Belgian soldiers in the capital of Benin, Cotounou.
The events date from 8 May when a party for a group of around one hundred Belgian troops got out of hand. The party was being held on the eve of the troops' return to Belgium after having spent two weeks in the West African country on a training exercise.
Soldiers from the First Parachute Regiment, the Para Commando Training Centre and the 15th Wing from Melsbroek in Flemish Brabant are alleged to have been involved in the drunken revelry. The soldiers are said to have held a food fight and one of them is alleged to have ran naked through the Ibis Hotel before jumping into a swimming pool. Food had to be removed for walls and carpets at the hotel.Those involved in the incident have reimbursed the hotel for the cost of cleaning up after the food fight. However, the Federal Defence Minister Pieter De Crem has called for a full investigation. All those involved will be disciplined.

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