Monday, June 09, 2008

No more traveling with my stash...I guess

During an international police anti-drugs operation Saturday night 856 people in Belgium were found to be in the possession of narcotics. Eleven people will have to answer to the public prosecutor.
The raid in Belgium was part of an international operation. Operation 'Etoile' includes police from France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, as well as 700 Belgian police and customs officials. The controls focused on narcotic trafficking and drug tourism. They took place along major motorways, in trains, buses and clandestine outlets where narcotics are sold.

In Belgium the controls took place around Antwerp, Ghent, Dinant, Namur, Liège, Tournai, in Limburg along the border area with the Netherlands, and at the coast. 2500 vehicles and 3400 people were inspected. 11 kilos of cannabis, 373 grams of heroine, 68 grams of cocaine, 245 of hallucinogenic mushrooms and 740 cannabis seeds were seized. 31 illegal arms were also discovered and 12 vehicles seized.
The Belgian federal police are very enthusiastic about the cooperation between the participating countries and the results it has yielded.

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