Sunday, October 24, 2010

Obama for coach at the University of Minnesota

Like the little liberal sheep that they are..... students gathered at a rally at the University of Minnesota today to get a glimpse of the great one.... and their dose of Captain Bullshit koolaid, under the pretense of supporting Mark Dayton for Governor.

As usual you have to read the comments from this story in the Saint Paul Pioneer Press to get the real know the media isn't going to give to you.

The students did come up with what I thought was a great campaign of trying to get Obama elected as football coach of the not so golden..... Gophers.  Get your shirt here. 

If you're not aware...the University fired coach Tim Brewster last week for his 1 and 7 start, but mostly for his propensity to spew a new round of bullshit and rainbows every week, with the same failed results every Saturday. The athletic director made the plea in looking for a new coach.....if they could find someone to take us to a Rose Bowl, they'd probably erect a statue of him outside the stadium. He followed that with the comment, "any degree of success would be good, it's not exactly like you're following Vince Lombardi here."

What could possibly be a better job for our teleprompter- in-chief. Just win two games in a year and he's considered a success. If he can't do that....he can do what he always does.....Blame it on Brewster.

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