Saturday, October 31, 2009

President and the First Piñata

Now we know what Obama meant when he said, he was working to build a color blind society.

He didn’t want anyone to notice Michelle’s wardrobe


Anonymous said...

Oh, I get it! A piñata hangs from a tree just like a negro might hang from a tree in the American south of the past. And people get to beat her with a stick! How clever. Is this what Belgium Studs is all about?

Anonymous said...

My far did this internet troll have to go to dig up that analogy. Funny how the leftards have no sense of humour when it comes to anything Obama, yet this guy was probably rolling on the ground telling his moonbat buddies Bush-Hitler jokes a year ago. Lighten up and get a life Skippy.

and what's a belgium stud?

The Belgium Free Press said...

Belgium STUDS is a fraternal organization of guys who are in Brussels because they are trailing spouses for their wives job.

Anonoymous comment number one obviously knows that, if he wants to know "what they're about" maybe he should attend a function and find out for himself.

As for the satire and humour seen on this blog, the comments and views are strictly mine, or readers who submit them, and they are credited. Their is no affiliation with Belgium STUDS said or intended.

For anyone who can take a simple comment on a bad fashion statement and turn it into something racist....probably needs to have some issues resolved. But then thats why the cowards who make statements as such, remain anonymous.

bathmate said...

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