Monday, May 15, 2006

Thank god, there's enough pollution

No nudist beach at Westende
Plans for a nudist beach in the West Flemish coastal resort of Westende have been scrapped. The town council of Middelkerke was divided, but eventually rejected the project with 13 votes against and 12 votes in favour.
At present, Bredene (near Ostend) boasts the only nudist beach along the Belgian coast.
Members of the local liberal party (VLD) in Middelkerke had launched the idea to have a second nudist beach in Westende last year, as they believed it would provide a boost for the local economy.
They hoped to open the nudist beach on the site of Camping Cosmos, a caravan site that had to close as a result of planning restrictions.
The site is located near the sand dunes of Westende. It is a secluded area where nudists should be safe from peeping Toms.
"Not the perfect location"
The Flemish liberals are the biggest party in the local council of Middelkerke.
They had the backing of two members of the opposition, but that was not enough as Christian democrats and socialists voted against.
Liliane Pylyser of the Christian democrats said that Westende is not the ideal location for a nudist beach, as "Westende has built a reputation as the ideal destination for young families with children."


Dave Perkins, Texas said...

If that photo is representative of a Belgian nude beach, I'm hereby declaring my opposition.

And putting my binocs back in the box...

Anonymous said...

nudist beaches, camps, the whole shebang...what's the point? chance for fat blokes with shrunken manhood to waft around looking at saggy 50-plusser public servants desperately trying to express themselves...learn golf for god sake!