Friday, May 12, 2006

The Brugge mayor has ordered the 'skinhead' café De Kastelein to shut down following a suspected racist bashing last weekend.
Mayor Patrick Moenaert took the decision after consulting with police and the owner of the café, located on the Maalsesteenweg.
Two men were assaulted on Saturday night in the vicinity of the De Kastelein. One of the victims, a 50-year-old black Frenchman, is still in a coma.
His 37-year-old friend suffered broken bones and memory loss.
He claims the attack was racially motivated because the culprits did not steal the EUR 200 the victims were jointly carrying at the time.
"Those skinheads didn't want money. They wanted to get us because my friend has the wrong colour," he said.
Five suspects were later arrested inside the café, a popular haunt for skinheads, three of whom have since been remanded in custody.
And after returning from holiday, Moenaert entered into talks with the café owner on Wednesday.
The mayor's spokesman said the owner agreed to close the café until the end of May to maintain public order.
New discussions will be held at the end of May between the owner, mayor and police. A decision on the possible re-opening of the café will be made at that time.

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