Monday, November 26, 2007

Stag Parties in Prague

Prague and Stag Parties.
The authorities in Prague are getting a little bored with the half-million Brits who go over there to get drunk and laid each year. Not all that much of a surprise actually. So, they want to attract a more up-market crowd, and good luck to them:
Tourism officials were planning an advertising campaign in London that would focus on the culinary experience that Prague could offer. The hope was that it would attract more refined tourists rather than the rowdy crowds."Food here is as good as in London. We don't need nightclubs or prostitutes to attract visitors," The food is as good as London?.....someone needs to take marketing 101!
I'm not sure that's quite the way to attract upscale tourists when Britian's national cuisine is based upon dumplings. The Telegraph also linked to an older piece of theirs which had this wonderful quote:
Many are in favour of the British men, even if they cause havoc. "If the British take advantage of the cheapness of our city that's OK. It's economics," said Inspector Daniel Kolar of the Prague police. "In any case, they are more pleasant drunk than the Germans are when they're sober."

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Marta said...

Yes, it's true, I noticed that many English stag parties are held in Prague. You are right, they come to Prague, because it's really cheap for them. In England prices are much higher than average EU price level, and Czech price level is lower. English people can find a lot of advantages in Prague - cheap Prague accommodation, restaurants, bars and all entertainment.